The Xyron Engine
It's the engine behind the server security features in Nevira.
M E E T  T H E
Your servers. They're always vulnerable to attacks and stuff, aren't they? That's what Xyron Engine was made for - protecting your server from malicious actors. Featuring Xyron PURLS and Xyron RapidPhish to block malicious URLs efficiently, and anti-spam capabilities to stop your channels from being clogged up.
N O  M O R E  V I R U S E S
Websites are amazing. But not all of them are. Some websites have viruses that can infect your computer or phone, and some are trying to steal your personal info by being an impostor among us. PURLS protects your server from people sending such websites in your Discord servers by scanning every URL sent in your servers.
F A S T  S C A M  B L O C K I N G
Sometimes, PURLS isn't quick enough. It was made to block malicious URLs automatically, but not quickly. With RapidPhish, PURLS is now even faster at blocking common scam websites by comparing URLs sent with official URLs that are often targeted, and if they are similar, the threat is eliminated. Discord Nitro scams, RIP.